Here are my latest creations – Fairy Flowers – I have turned these ones into beautiful brooches that would make ideal gifts!
I will be putting some on Etsy in the next couple of weeks in a variety of Fairy colours.
If you would like one or even to stock some in your shop, please contact me as all orders appreciated!
Warm glittery wishes!


I have decided to extend the ‘Fairy Flower’ range of ideas to a lovely large corsage.

It has taken quite a few attempts to develop a suitable shape, as when using even thin felt it can be tricky to manipulate when creating a shape around a point.
Some attempts were too thick, some were not quite the right shape when put together to create the flower. I began to feel like my Goldilock’s moment was never going to arrive!

Following, many attempts a 3D flower emerged and even my OH said he liked it….Hooray….finally!

It has been thoughtfully decorated with Swarovski crystals that give a delicate twinkle and pick up the Angelina sparkle running through the felt.

So, here is a pic of the sample…..(Apologies for the quality of the shot – taken with my phone :-))


Fairy Flowers

Now that my course has finished and I am free from the constraints of criteria (yippee), I am beginning to experiment with hand-made fabrics.

I am toying with ideas for products that I might be able to sell in the near future – so any comments would be much appreciated.

I am playing with the idea of Fairy Flowers and here are the piccies so far!

Trying out various centres….buttons, beads etc.

Then, I finally decided upon stitching to create a seed-like effect, similar to a sunflower I suppose.

I am now wondering how best to display such a beautiful flower – perhaps in a box frame?

What do you think?

Warm wishes x x

After going to Art in Action 2010 in Oxford where I met Jill Flower, I have been lucky enough to attend one of her courses to learn the techniques that she has sweated over to achieve her amazing ruffs!

Here are a couple of brooches I have made this weekend.

What do you think?

Which shapes do you prefer? Colour combos etc?

Wishing you a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

I was lucky enough to be able to get to Art in Action this year and there were some stunning pieces there! I was particularly interested in the Textile tent and I was not disappointed!

Jill Flower: an awesome textile inspiration was there with her ruffs – inspired by English Lace techniques which have been experimented with and pushed to the modern day limits of textile exploration.


Making the ruffs from recycled papers and stitch.

A circle of life: each of the seven ages of a persons life represented with paper from that era e.g. gardening magazines for retirement.

Inside ‘The Best Of ‘ tent!

What a great day!

Here is a picture of my skirt at exhibition.

Hope you like it…

Warm wishes x x


I decided to create a neck wrap with the section of embellished felt that was left over from the skirt. A felt ball wrapped in a felt rope will act as a brooch to pin the scarf together.